My name is Kate Wiloch.

All paintings listed on this website and jewellery are hand made by myself.

I live and create in Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK.

My style in painting originates from my tutor Bob Ross which has influenced first years of my works. This solid fundament has been enhanced by my study of work of my colleagues and experiments with new styles. Currently in my portfolio you will find acrylics, oil paintings, watercolours, mixed media of which I enjoy acrylics and mixed media the most.

I don't paint for profit but for pleasure. If you appreciate my work and would like to purchase some of my works I will be delighted as that gives me more motivation and cover cost of materials used.

If you would like me to paint something bespoke for you, please send me a picture or some ideas. If thatís something that I would like to paint I will but only then. As I stated earlier I do it for pleasure so if itís not for me Iíll be honest.

Please visit my online shop.